Newborn Sleep Patterns

Does a 3 month old baby sleep through the night?

Newborn SleepFor the last few months of pregnancy your baby was kicking, wriggling, moving around, making it hard for you to sit, walk, sleep… and then, this completely new human being has suddenly been thrust into your care and responsibility! Your beautiful, perfect new baby is here and needs you… day AND night… They sleep, stir, feed, and cry, they need a nappy change and then fall asleep again. That’s all fine, but this cycle keeps going on and on and on and on, 24/7!  And what about your own sleep?

As for me, I guess I was quite lucky. When our first son was born, we decided I would leave work for a while. For the first few months, during the week my husband would sleep in the spare bedroom so he got enough rest to tackle the working days, and I took care of our baby if he cried during the night. On the weekend it was the other way around, hubby would get up during the night so I got some more sleep (except of course for breastfeeding). That worked quite well for us, however for others this may not suit, and we all have different experiences with babies and have different ways of coping. It would be interesting to hear other people’s experiences – so if you have any tips, contact me and I will share these in my next article.

How blissful that first time your 3 month old baby sleeps all through the night! You may find yourself hurrying to your baby’s room in the morning to check if he or she is ok – it’s so quiet!

Sleep is important for all of us. Did you know it is regulated mainly by 2 hormones: serotonin and melatonin? Often the quality of the sleep we get is more important than the quantity. Research shows that regular baby massage influences the production of these hormones and the baby settling into its own circadian rhythm (“body clock”). How? Because regular massage increases serotonin levels and helps the body regulate melatonin secretion rhythms. Serotonin regulates sleep patterns (and has other effects that I will write about in a separate article). Melatonin induces sleep and is secreted more at night.

And don’t we all know that a good night’s sleep makes such a difference! Without it we are more likely to be grumpy and everything seems to get out of control easily. But after a good night’s rest, we are energised, happy, and feel like we can take on the whole world (well, just about!)

If you think massage can help your situation, why not book a class or contact us for more information.

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