Immune System

Immune System: Fighting off the nasties


Why is the immune system so important and what can I do to strengthen my baby’s immune system?

In very simple words: the immune system protects the body against diseases. How often do you hear that someone has an autoimmune disorder? This indicates that the immune system is doing the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. It is fighting the good cells and letting the bad ones multiply, resulting in nasty diseases.

We all come with a built-in defense against illnesses and toxins (forgive me for simplifying things drastically – I realise there are people with genetic disorders, which of course is a totally different story). The bad news is that the immune system might not work the way it should because of our behaviour and habits, external influences, and the things we eat. Yes, diet has a lot to do with it! Junk food, alcohol and smoking are sure to weaken your immune system and thus make it more likely for you to get ill. But I’m getting slightly off track here, my focus should be on babies.

The good news is that you can help your baby strengthen her/his immune system so that all those bacteria going around in day care and at school won’t affect her/him as much. How? Massage and lymphatic exercises!

Yeah right, is it really that simple? Yes, it is!

  • Massage stimulates not only blood circulation, but also lymphatic circulation. The latter can be compared to a waste-water system: it helps the body get rid of waste, toxins and other undesirables. If they would not be removed, they could cause considerable damage resulting in illness.
  • Research has shown that massage increases the neutrophil count, which are the white blood cells that form an integral part of the immune system.
  • Massage reduces the stress hormone levels in the body. A high level of stress hormone has a negative effect on the immune system, so the lower the better.
  • Regular exercise helps activate the lymph nodes. As little bubs can’t really do much exercise yet, you can stimulate those nodes with fun exercises that we teach in the full course.

And when your little one gets a bit bigger: don’t be scared to let them play in the dirt! Admittedly, it will require a bit of cleaning afterwards, but it’s so good for them on so many levels! Fresh air, roaming around, exploring with friends, did you do that when you were a little kid?

With all the WiFi and electronic gadgets that we use (yes, me too), we also build up ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) in our bodies. EMR negatively impacts the immune system and thus our health. Direct contact between our skin and the earth, e.g. barefoot in the garden or on the beach, means “earthing” and neutralises any EMR build-up, good riddance! You can find more information about EMR and earthing on this website:

Massage, lymphatic exercises and earthing can be done in a fun way. Get them going and your baby will be invincible!


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