How I helped my baby with reflux

Clare – Burleigh, Queensland

“My newborn was having a bit of reflux and so I wanted to learn techniques to help her and also to just learn how to use massage to connect with and calm my baby. I got all of this with Cornelie’s classes and am massaging my baby daily and she loves it.

I expect regular massage to calm my baby and for her to gain enjoyment out of me massaging her. I also wish to give her happiness and feel loved and cared for. It also makes me feel good to connect to her. I have also shared the techniques with my husband who now gets involved too, he and my bubba love it.

If I had to list 3 reasons why Cornelie (Balanced Babies) has been the right person to learn from, they would be

  • knowledgeable and caring
  • genuinely cared about you and your baby and wants to help with teaching massage
  • a great space to learn, you feel comfortable in the environment where you are learning”


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