Ease my baby’s discomfort such as wind

Lara – Gold Coast, Queensland

“I wanted to learn baby massage to firstly bond with my baby and to help him ease discomfort such as wind. Overall, to help my baby feel relaxed and good.

I love the information supplied in the course about the positive neurological benefits and  help with immunity and circulation. I expect to have a relaxed and settled baby after the massage – he is already showing signs of this after the massages I have given him. After seeking his permission, he absolutely loves having his legs massaged, he relaxes immediately with a big smile on his face. Afterwards he is quite content.

Thank you Cornelie, you are extremely dedicated and passionate about baby massage – this was evident in how you delivered the content to us. You are definitely extremely knowledgeable in that you can explain interrelationships between massage and the positive effects massage has on the various biological systems. Your manner is very patient, you took your time to go through the procedures with us and allowed us to gain comfort in our own skills before moving on. I felt very comfortable in asking questions of you and asking you to repeat the strokes to make sure I knew what I was doing.”


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