Colic in Babies

What is Colic and how can you tell if your baby has it?

What is colic and what can you do about it

A baby’s digestive system has to get used to whatever it is fed. Whether that is breastmilk or formula, it’s all new for their little body. Sometimes babies react to food in general, or to new types of food that are introduced to them. This could possibly result in wind and/or constipation. If these symptoms are consistent or if you are worried, it is highly recommended to talk to your doctor or child and family health nurse about it and get their advice. Also, more and more children are allergic to certain types of food, and these allergies can actually play up from a very young age.

Colic in babies is perceived to be a common problem. There is no clear definition of what it is exactly and no medical professional has as yet been able to establish what causes it. In general colic is characterised by the following symptoms:

– crying for a long time at the same time every day

– pulling his/her legs up towards the tummy

– a firm or swollen tummy during the colic attacks

Possible causes are immaturity of the digestive system, intolerance for certain foods, or even an incorrect position of the spine (this can affect the vagus nerve which in turn influences the digestive system). If colic occurs in babies, it is most commonly with infants aged between 2 weeks and about 5 months, although there are cases where it lasted up to the age of 12 months.

The painful long-lasting crying is very upsetting for the parent as well as the baby, who often cannot be comforted easily. Again, if you recognise the symptoms mentioned above, always consult your GP or child and family health nurse for some professional attention and advice before taking any major action or medication.

In addition to their advice you can help your baby by performing a specific sequence of massage strokes on the abdomen. This sequence will help in cases of colic as well as with wind and/or constipation. Performing this sequence twice a day for 4 weeks will work wonders! Are you interested to learn this sequence? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will teach you and you will have a happy and calm baby again in no time!

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