Baby massage oils

Baby massage oils, which ones to use

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Newborn baby massage

You are doing the right thing by massaging your newborn baby regularly. It makes your baby sleep better, helps baby’s digestion, can help get rid of colic, and has many, many more benefits. You probably like to use a massage oil, but there are so many different oils on the market, which one is the best for your baby??

First of all, remember that babies put their hands and their feet in their mouth – they are still that flexible aren’t they! I don’t know about you, I can manage hands, but feet… Anyway, back to baby massage oils. Whatever you put on their skin, they might get some of that product in their mouth. So whichever product you use, think about whether you would be happy with you baby ingesting that. In other words: use an edible oil!

Hang on a minute, does that mean you can use any edible oil? No! Not all edible oils have the right texture or are easily absorbed through the skin. Because it’s also about skin care, isn’t it? For instance, a pure cold pressed olive oil is perfect for in a salad, but is not recommended for baby massage because of its texture. Sesame seed oil that you use for cooking tastes lovely, but has a very strong fragrance and has been processed, so is no longer a “pure” oil.

Now we’re getting to the main part. In short: you want to use a PURE, COLD PRESSED, NUT / SEED / VEGETABLE or FRUIT OIL.

Pure = only 1 ingredient
Cold pressed = extracted in first cold pressing, so not heated nor processed

Examples of recommended baby massage oils are: apricot oil, sesame seed oil (no not the one you use for cooking, remember, the pure cold pressed one), almond oil, avocado oil. Preferably organic.

And where, pray, would you buy these??
Good news! At Balanced Babies! That is, we sell 3 of the above mentioned oils.

All 3 oils are free from essential oils, allowing your baby to smell your signature scent, enhancing bonding. They are also organic and free from petrochemicals and parabens.

Oils picture 100% pure edible apricot oil, is rich in vitamins A, C and E, oil deeply nourishes the skin and is an excellent antioxidant. The only ingredient is 100% pure cold pressed apricot kernel oil.

100% pure edible sesame oil, perfect for delicate skin, provides anti-inflammatory and moisture retention benefits when applied to the skin. The only ingredient is 100% pure cold pressed sesame seed oil.

100% pure edible almond oil, hydrates and moisturises, is cold pressed from sweet almonds and is easily absorbed, hydrating baby’s delicate skin. The only ingredient is 100% pure cold pressed sweet almond oil.

I have had questions about coconut oil. Coconut oil (organic, pure, cold pressed) is almost a miracle product. You can cook with it, eat it raw, rub it on your skin, massage it into your hair, anything goes! It is very beneficial for your health, whichever way you use it. Ok, so much for the positive raging… As for baby massage… Personally I find that it is not very easily absorbed through the skin, although it is a very good product. And it usually has quite a strong fragrance. One of the aspects of baby massage is bonding, in which scent plays a role, so preferably your baby would pick up your scent instead of the oil’s.

In the end, it is up to you to decide which product you use. Make sure to look into it so that you can make a well informed decision. After all, you want nothing but the best for your precious baby!

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